Play up to 3X each week in December!

Most Overall Weekly Winning Picks
1st Place: $1,000 FreePlay, 2nd Place: $500 FreePlay, 3rd Place: $200 FreePlay

Most Overall Season Winning Picks
$2,500 FreePlay: 1st Place, $1,000 FreePlay: 2nd Place, $500 FreePlay: 3rd Place

How to Play

  • Earn 50 Base Points, Play 1x
  • Earn 250 Base Points, Play 2x
  • Earn 500 base points, Play 3x
  • Earn Monday-Sunday for Sunday’s Game

Then...Pick your Teams Weekly
Swipe your My Party Players Card at any promotional kiosk Tuesday through Sunday at 10am to Play.
Don’t forget to Choose a Monday Night Tie-Breaker Score!




Weekly Pro Football Challenge
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Weekly Pro Football Challenge
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