August Bingo Promotions


August Bingo Promotions

August 1 - August 31

Join us for some of these FUN Bingo Promotions!

  • Mondays:  Stress Free Monday, Purchase a Rainbow pack and get a Stress Toy!
  • Tuesday:  Half Price Point Redemption for Blue Packs! (available at the 10:30am and 5pm sessions only- up to 3 packs per day. )
  • Wednesday: Senior Session 9AM, $3 Packs, FREE Donuts.  AND 5pm Paper and Electronic Session. $1.00 off Packs Purchased.
  • Thursday: Raffle Drawings for Bingo Tumbler!
  • Friday: Good Neighbor Day
  •  Saturday: Raffle Drawings for Bingo Tumbler!
  • Sunday: Second Chance Cashball Day! More Winners!



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