Hot August Nights 2019


Hot August Nights 2019

August 6 - August 11

Hot August Nights cruises through town for the 22nd year!

Every August, the streets of Virginia City, Reno and Sparks vibrate with the sound of muffled rumbles of rebuilt engines, rays of sunlight glinting off the polished chrome and heavy scents of Dapper Dan hair pomade fill the air. Droves of spectators line the sidewalks for a glimpse into the past, a time when a driver’s license and a hot car were all anyone needed or wanted on a Saturday night.

Join us for a trip down memory lane or a new adventure. Whichever way you look at it, this nostalgic event has it all.

Pull out those poodle skirts and wax up the car! The 22nd year of Hot August Nights is getting ready to cruise through the Reno Sparks!

Whether you want to stroll the streets and check out the hot cars or listen to some great 50’s music Hot August Nights has something for everyone!

Don’t forget we’ve always got great rooms at great prices and we are close to all the action!

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