The Utility Players Present: C#ns()rsh!p


The Utility Players Present: C#ns()rsh!p

April 8

This show is guranteed to be [redacted]. We invite you to join us as we poke fun at [redacted], and examine the ways in which censorship [redacted], and [redacted]. What things in our world should be censored? And is there any room for censorship in art and comedy? Will this show be controversial? Let’s find out! And make sure to bring your [redacted]!

Reno-Tahoe’s #1 live and unscripted comedy show, The Utility Players, returns to the stage for their 13th Season on March 4th, 2017. Season 13 runs every Saturday night through May 27th inside Jester’s Theater at Sands Regency.

Created and hosted by Jessica The Jester Levity, The Utility Players have been playing together since 2009; every improv show is a unique co-creation between The Utility Players and their audience. Tickets for their regular season shows are available at the Sands Regency Box Office, or online at

This show features 90 minutes of hard-hitting, side-splitting, classic short-form improv comedy in the style of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ that will keep audiences entertained all night.

See it once, or see it every week, this show is always fresh, always funny, and guaranteed to hit the spot. Learn more at